Arthur "Jude" Vinson (judetherat) wrote in world_tree_mmg,
Arthur "Jude" Vinson

Let's see now...October Goals

Primary Goals ~
  1. Write an hour each day - short story, novel, webcomic script
  2. Figure out a way to pay for attending the FFXI fan festival, and visiting my friends in WY for Thanksgiving *
  3. Lose 5 pounds (my overall goal is to lose 40 pounds before next May)

Secondary Goals ~
  1. Find an additional job or some way to bring in more money
  2. Clean my apartment
  3. Look for a comic artist
  4. Start a small business (I'm looking into a hot chocolate/hot dog stand in the winter, shakes in the summer)
  5. Figure how to get to my $2k monthly goal while still working on college stuff

* I'm thinking about taking out a loan through my bank, or possibly, to cover the next six months of living expenses, and just rolling up my trip into that.  I don't want to, and I won't if I can find another way, but unless I can find how to get $2k coming in monthly (about 5 times more than I'm making now), I don't know how I'll really manage otherwise.
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