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World Tree MasterMind Group's Journal
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Friday, November 2nd, 2007
4:40 pm
Writing this out quickly before I go to bed. Fatigue is a constant factor in my life now, sleep is a myth.

1. Bible Study. No
2. Writing. None
3. Losing weight. Maybe one or two pounds.

Once again, nothing accomplished.

Current Mood: exhausted
Tuesday, October 9th, 2007
11:44 am
Not going so hot. First week I did no writing, reading, nor anything for my health.  I've been dealing with difficulties and shenanigans with the bank but I AM going to get this machine built.  That credit card is almost within my grasp. Aside from that mainly playing games, and spending money on said games (maybe a bit too much).

I hope to do better this week (he says as he drinks a frappachino and eats buffalo wings) Turns out. I'm not as heavy as I thought, but still pretty heavy.

Also, adjusting my goals slightly.

The physical health is going to be augmented with mental health. Having both a little play, meditation, and puzzle time each day to keep my mind sharp and well. As well as SLEEPING PROPERLY.

The Bible reading goal is also going to be augmented with a little personal reading as well. To be more specific with the Bible reading, I'm near the beginning of Psalms, and I want to get at least through Ecclesiastes.
Working on writing....well thats going to stay the same.

It won't be difficult. Everything I've added only requires a bit more work. Things like reading, playing, and sleeping properly aren't things I have to grit my teeth and do. I *want* to do them naturally, and its a way for me to relax. But it seems like I need a reminder that its ok to do these things sometimes.

Current Mood: exhausted
Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007
1:54 pm
I like to write fantasy, though I do want to stretch myself into science fiction and perhaps even some non-genre fiction.  My biggest frustration is that whatever I write tends to degrade into a rote allegory.  I don't want to compartmentalize my faith, but I don't want it to be absolutely blatant either.  I think I'll edit my goal slightly to getting 10 thousand words written by the end of October.

Mainly I want on getting some a book of short stories published, to pave the way for a full novel of some type.  My two big projects are a fantasy world and its related set of stories (these have been a part of my creative vision since high school) and a sci-fi group of characters that just beg to have their stories told. (I also want to start on some scripting for a web comic, which would probably amount to a third project.)

For my trip, I'm looking to get about between 1100 and 1700 dollars (ever rounding up...) plus food and possibly gas costs.  That way I have enough to pay current expenses regardless of which travel option I take.

Copypasta from my LJ post:


Anyway, I've been plotting and planning most of the afternoon finding different costs and putting together an itinerary.

November 15 - 17(18) is the fanfest in Anaheim, CA.
November 22 is Thanksgiving.  Hopefully in Cheyenne, WY
November 25 is when I'd be back in Clarksville.

The fanfest has a special hotel rate that comes to 554 dollars total for the duration of the event.  So that is a generally fixed cost.  I'm guessing that I could just sleep in my car or sleep on the floor in WY.

If I go by plane to CA, WY and back to TN, I can get a multi-city ticket between 475 and 607 dollars.
Taking the Greyhound results in a $322 cost.
A car rental will cost between 349 and 444 depending on rental company.
(I could possibly also borrow a car from my parents and then only pay for gas)
The train doesn't seem to travel the route I need to go.

Plane: $1029 - $1160 plus food expenses.
Bus: $876 plus food
Car (rent): $903 - $998 plus food and gas expenses
Car (borrow): $554 plus food and gas expenses


Also, the 554 for the hotel room is needed by the 16th of OCtober, otherwise I'll probably need to find another hotel, or be forced to pay the "normal rate" which would add about 60 or 70 dollars.

On the plus side, I have a job that's flexible enough to allow me two+ weeks off without much difficulty. (Though the reason why that's true makes me somewhat ill...)  I just don't know what I can do in the next week or so to that would enable me to raise up even the minimum that I am looking for.

My main hope however, even outside the scope of enjoying myself with friends and going to another convention, is if I can pull this off, then it's possible I can just repeat the process and end up with an income I can comfortably live off.  As the 400 a month I get from my job + the 1700 dollars at the high end of the range is more than the 2k a month I've budgetted myself as a good "starting point to success."

If you guys have any ideas or thoughts to toss around, feel free to do so.
12:25 am
1. Lose weight. At least 5-10lbs
2. Write at least 2k words a day on short stories or novel.
3. Read the Bible every day.

(4. make longer posts.)
Monday, October 1st, 2007
1:26 pm
Let's see now...October Goals
Primary Goals ~
  1. Write an hour each day - short story, novel, webcomic script
  2. Figure out a way to pay for attending the FFXI fan festival, and visiting my friends in WY for Thanksgiving *
  3. Lose 5 pounds (my overall goal is to lose 40 pounds before next May)

Secondary Goals ~
  1. Find an additional job or some way to bring in more money
  2. Clean my apartment
  3. Look for a comic artist
  4. Start a small business (I'm looking into a hot chocolate/hot dog stand in the winter, shakes in the summer)
  5. Figure how to get to my $2k monthly goal while still working on college stuff

* I'm thinking about taking out a loan through my bank, or possibly Prosper.com, to cover the next six months of living expenses, and just rolling up my trip into that.  I don't want to, and I won't if I can find another way, but unless I can find how to get $2k coming in monthly (about 5 times more than I'm making now), I don't know how I'll really manage otherwise.
Thursday, September 20th, 2007
7:25 pm

I think we're all here except for stokerbramwell, but I trust he'll be along smartly.

We still have well over a week before our experiment begins in earnest, but until then we can chat about life, goals, and how to make a mean pancake.

Current Mood: hopeful
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