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Not going so hot. First week I did no writing, reading, nor anything for my health.  I've been dealing with difficulties and shenanigans with the bank but I AM going to get this machine built.  That credit card is almost within my grasp. Aside from that mainly playing games, and spending money on said games (maybe a bit too much).

I hope to do better this week (he says as he drinks a frappachino and eats buffalo wings) Turns out. I'm not as heavy as I thought, but still pretty heavy.

Also, adjusting my goals slightly.

The physical health is going to be augmented with mental health. Having both a little play, meditation, and puzzle time each day to keep my mind sharp and well. As well as SLEEPING PROPERLY.

The Bible reading goal is also going to be augmented with a little personal reading as well. To be more specific with the Bible reading, I'm near the beginning of Psalms, and I want to get at least through Ecclesiastes.
Working on writing....well thats going to stay the same.

It won't be difficult. Everything I've added only requires a bit more work. Things like reading, playing, and sleeping properly aren't things I have to grit my teeth and do. I *want* to do them naturally, and its a way for me to relax. But it seems like I need a reminder that its ok to do these things sometimes.
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